Esther Berlansky is a story teller. Whether using text or pure vocalize [\'85], the arrangements and the sound of the tiny ensemble sometimes bear a certain resemblance to the chocolaty orchestra sound of the 1970s, to which Berlansky's voice leading contributes a lot. In the solo passages, the veritable trio jazz of the band is great fun listening to, the play is high-powered, well-rehearsed and rhythmically highly diversified. This is contrastive to Berlansky's childlike singing, which is yet competent and in a strange way fascinating. Never mind which role she is playing - be it the childlike, placid innocent, the angelic dreamer or the coquettish, tantalizing siren - the mid-twenty never pretends to be anything more than what she possibly could be. If she cared to. Jazz is not only not dead, it is still sexy.

CD review in "Jazz thing" (2007/06)

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